Outstanding Achievement Award - Seamus Bryans (iPhotography Student)

outstanding achievement 2014 with iPhotography - trophySeamus has captured both the tutors and students’ attention and imagination throughout 2014, with his totally unique and mesmerizing portraiture style which you can view in our student gallery.

He has a special eye for detail, captures the personality of his subject and always adds just the right amount of magical dust to the image – creating stunning, mood enhancing and atmospheric imagery. The combination of fairytale enchantment within his child portraits creates a strong connection, creating the perfect story and dreamlike setting.

Seamus has not only found success within iPhotography, but has also successfully established his own business and been awarded in a recent childrens portrait competition. Seamus is also currently working towards his BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photographers) membership.

Comment from the iPhotography Team:

Congratulations Seamus! We wish you the very best of luck, it looks like you have a fantastic photography journey ahead of you, and we look forward to watching (and hearing about) your future success and ventures. Thank you for being such a huge inspiration and such an active member within the iPhotography community.

Winning Prize:
Seamus has been awarded a crystal glass engraved trophy, £200 Amazon Gift Voucher, and will also receive vouchers for the new iPhotoshop Course 1 & 2 (RRP £399).

Comment from Seamus Bryans:

I feel so honoured to have been chosen as winner of the ‘outstanding achievement Award’. Thank you to all who voted and supported me. I came to iPhotography hoping to get my camera off “Auto mode” and have managed to achieve so much more than I ever imagined.

Thanks to the patience of the Tutors and the inspiration from the other students. It has been great and I am already looking forward into 2015. Thank you.

Seamus Bryans
Outstanding Achievement Award 2014