Best gallery image 2014 - Lucinka Staykov (iPhotography Student)

Lucinka consistently delivers the highest standards of portrait imagery, and has found her niche within child photography (with the help of her wonderfully willing subjects – her fantastically photogenic children). Lucinka’s work is personal and powerful! She evokes emotion by producing heart warming, thought provoking and sometimes, even dramatic portrait imagery; she has the skill and control to cover a huge range of styles.

Lucinka conveys and reflects the moods of childhood, and allows the personalities of her subjects to shine through to totally mesmerizing effects. The control over her abilities and techniques really shines through in her work; she captures powerful, timeless shots that always leave a lasting impact (or smile) with her audience. You can view more of Lucinka’s work in our private student photo gallery.

Comment from the iPhotography Team:

Congratulations Lucinka! Both students and tutors from iPhotographyCourse have followed you with great enthusiasm and interest over the last year. We are so proud to have you on-board, and love viewing your fantastic images. We would also like to say ‘thank you’ to your children for being such amazing and adorable models. The very best of luck in your boutique photography business – we are sure the crowds will be lining up to have you as their photographer.

Winning Prize:
Lucinka was awarded $250 Amazon vouchers, and will also receive vouchers for the new iPhotoshop Course 1 & 2 (RRP $599).

Comment from Lucinka:

Thank you so much. I am very honored to have won this competition. Thank you to the tutors, fellow students and the iPhotography site. Thank you to my husband who bought me the iPhotography course for my birthday and inspired me to challenge myself. Also, a big thank you to my six wonderful children who have a camera in their face almost all the time.

Thank you iPhotography for inspiring me to start up a boutique photography business, ‘Child Expressions Photography’. I am so excited to be on this Amazing journey

No 1. Best Gallery Image 2014