Best Images 2014 (Tutor’s Choices) Adrian Atkins (iPhotography Student)

Adrian’s superb low-light shot instantly grabbed the tutors’ attention with its clean, crisp futuristic appearance. This shot (and the techniques used) totally reflect Adrian’s skill, control and ease behind the camera. The dramatic sky works perfectly to lead attention towards the beautifully lit glass pyramids.

The image holds depth, drama, interest, and contrast and is perfectly lit – it demands and holds attention. It has been presented in a modern, futuristic style – which connects perfectly with the subject (Muttart Conservatory) being photographed.

You can view more of Adrian’s work in our private student photo gallery.

Comment from the iPhotography Team:

Congratulations Adrian! This image is awe-inspiring! You have captured the essence of the subject perfectly; it is without question an outstanding piece of photography. We look forward to seeing more from you throughout 2015, and also thank you for your positive presence and comments.

Winning Prize:
Adrian received a $75 Amazon gift voucher, and will also receive vouchers for the new iPhotoshop Course 1 & 2 (RRP $599).

Comment from James:

I have always been interested in taking photographs, ever since I was a young child, and I have always owned a camera of some kind since I was 11 years old. Throughout the years since then, I have taken images of the places, sights and the people associated with my work experiences, travel, and family; indeed, 25 years in the Royal Air Force afforded me plenty of opportunity to see and capture the world at large! However, while I received some professional training some years ago, a busy lifestyle and family tends to reduce the amount of time available for passions such as photography and skill fade is a sad consequence of this.

The beauty of the iPhotography course is that it takes you back to basics in a logical and easy to understand manner; it also serves as an excellent technology update for those of us from the wet film and darkroom era. The result is that putting together an image, both from a composition and exposure perspective, has become second nature, which is particularly important when you live in a part of the world where your skin can freeze in 2 minutes at -45C!

The evolution of a magnificent image commences ‘in camera’ and the course has given me the confidence and skills to get it right ‘in camera’ rather than relying on post-processing to fix fundamental ‘school boy’ errors.

More importantly, the course has allowed me to understand that I am not just a person who takes photographs; I am an artist who wants to produce stunning and memorable images; in order to do this, you need to know the fundamentals and the traditional rules so you can go out and break them in the best interests of creativity and originality!

I have already recommended the course to a couple of contemporaries and will continue to recommend it to those in need!

Adrian Atkins
Best Images 2014 (Tutor’s Choices)