Best Gallery Images 2014 (Joint 2nd place) Neil Watkinson (iPhotography Student)

This fantastic baby image captured by Neil, is centred around his own growing family. It’s clear that this personal connection has had a tremendously positive impact and influence on the outcome of these images. With the sublime application of black and white, detail and control over composition and contrast, plus the emotional connection, Neil has created a timeless image to be treasured and passed from generation to generation.

The sense of scale between father, mother and baby works perfectly, and is obviously as loved, appreciated and cherished within iPhotography and its students as it is by Neil. You can view more of Neil’s work in our private student photo gallery.

Comment from the iPhotography Team:

Congratulations Neil! Thank you for sharing such a personal image with the iPhotography community. It is seeing imagery like this that reminds us all how important memories are and how important it is to use our cameras to capture these moments. We look forward to seeing what 2015 brings forward for you.

Winning Prize:
Neil was awarded £100 Amazon vouchers, and will also receive vouchers for the new iPhotoshop Course 1 & 2 (RRP £399).

Comment from Neil:

I’m delighted and thrilled to have one of my photos nominated for the top 30 photos of 2014 by the tutors. I’d like to say a big thank you to my fellow students for voting it into the top 3. It’s a great honour to have my photo used by the iphotography course and would recommend the course to anyone interested in photography.

A few words for my fellow students:
My eyes = my shutter,
my mind = my sensor,
my photos = my memories.

Thanks again.

Neil Watkinson
Best Gallery Images 2014 (Joint 2nd place)