Best Gallery Images 2014 (Joint 2nd place) Melissa Harding (iPhotography Student)

This winning sunset scene was taken by Melissa Harding. Melissa has perfectly captured her audiences attention with this stunning and striking display of colour and contrast. She has added the perfect amount of silhouette detail within the scene to draw attention, but not too much that it overpowers or distracts from the beautiful array of colours and dramatic setting.

The child standing alone also creates an emotional connection with the audience. This is timeless, classic, standout imagery. Melissa has photographed other equally stunning landscape and portrait images throughout 2014 and we look forward to seeing more from her in 2015. You can view more of Melissa’s work in our private student photo gallery.

Comment from the iPhotography Team:

Congratulations Melissa! This image is totally captivating, a very worthy winner. As well as creating a beautiful sunset image, you have created a beautiful timeless portrait; that can be enjoyed, treasured and appreciated by all. We look forward to seeing what 2015 brings forward for you.

Winning Prize:
Melissa has been awarded $150 vouchers, and will also receive vouchers for the new iPhotoshop Course 1 & 2 (RRP £399).

Comment from Melissa:

I would like to say thank you to everyone for voting on my picture. I am so honored that it was chosen and thankful for the feedback I have received. I have taken a few online courses and this one is my favorite by far! I am learning so much and look forward to seeing everyone’s photos this year! Thanks again!

Melissa Harding
Best Gallery Image 2014