iPhotography Most Popular POTD 2016: Barry Tetchner

barry tetchner winner photo of the day

Congratulations Barry – Most Popular Photo of the Day –  #POTD

We’re always excited to be able to share the work of our students; one way we do this is through our popular Photo of the Day feature that we share across all of our social platforms. These images regularly receive fantastic feedback through likes and favourites, shares and retweets, that is why we look to award the most popular. In 2016 you voted Barry Tetchner as your overall winner!

It was back in May 2016 when the winning image was uploaded to the gallery. Barry had visited Woburn Abbey Wildlife Park and captured this outstanding image and majestic moment in time. Barry presented raw and powerful expression within this still, and that certainly caught the attention of our tutors and students!

Its popularity quickly became evident.  Through iPhotography on Facebook and Instagram alone it reached over 2,414 users of the social site and collected a combined total of 86 likes, comments and shares. In addition to this, were the favourites and retweets through iPhotography’s Twitter page, as well as all the comments and ratings within our own gallery.

‘Wow, what an amazing image. I just love everything about this. Beautifully sharp, great close up… Stunning!’ – Tash
‘Great shot works very well in B&W, Love the close up’ – Hazel
‘Awesome capture! I can feel the fear!’ – David
Without question the photograph connected with each and every one that viewed it, something which is a real challenge for any photographer to achieve. When you’re able to make that connection, you know that you’ve gained the viewer’s engagement, something that could be considered the highest point of success for any photograph or photographer. 

Helping the image achieve such popularity was the brilliantly captured detail that allowed the audience to tightly study the features of the lions face, as well as other areas such as the mane and paws. The expressive detail, overall tone and close crop of the shot also add to its success.

The well-balanced composition serves additional appeal, constantly drawing the eye back to the animal’s face and raw aggression. The audience are then able to make their connection and come to their own conclusions on what the animal is really thinking and feeling. 

The natural animal instinct that is expressed in this image, makes it extremely enticing; it makes us question whether this animal was photographed in the wild. This image does not represent peoples usual (and stereotypical view) of how an animal behaves in captivity – this image hits hard! It is all lion, natural, raw and wild (whether photographed in captivity or not).

The edit and post-processing of this shot really pulled it out of the bag for Barry! The black and white candid capture brings the image to life. All in all, it’s safe to say that everyone could see the spectacular features of this image; Barry’s ‘Lion’ roared ahead in the POTD competition this year.

Barry has a number of other impressive images within his iPhotography gallery, we look forward to seeing new images from him this coming year. Not only was Barry winner of ‘Most Popular POTD’, his series of black and white images from travelling in South East Asia made second place in Photographer of the Year.

Barry responded with a few words upon the announcement of his brilliant win:

Thank you to everyone who voted for me the prestigious title of ‘Most Popular Photo of the Day 2016’ in the iPhotography annual competition. It is a huge accomplishment and a great honour to be chosen with so many great photographers on the course. Thank you for the kind and encouraging comments.
I really enjoy this course and the interaction between the students and tutors and welcome the constructive criticisms and, of course, the compliments.
I like nothing better than to spend my free time photographing. I like to photograph anything, preferably wildlife and street scenes especially people.
What was once just my hobby has now become something my family enjoys as well. My eldest daughter has taken up photography and has recently invested in a new camera and joined the iPhotography course.
Looking ahead for 2017 I am going to Norway in January, hopefully to capture the Northern Lights, Sri Lanka in March and I’m planning a trip to the Rockies in Canada later in the year, so hopefully will get some exciting photographs which of course I’ll share with you.
For me, I am always looking for different places to go and new things to photograph. I love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places, but what I have found is that you do not have to travel far to get a great picture. You never know where the next best picture will come from, so always look out and take your camera wherever possible. Remember everywhere you look there’s a picture waiting to be taken.
Wishing you all good luck with your photographic projects for 2017. I look forward to another year with iPhotography and seeing some more amazing photographs.

– Barry Tetchner

Barry received £75 in Amazon Gift Vouchers, and a Digital Gift voucher for the ‘Turn your Photography into a business’ course. 
Congratulations Barry! Your winning image is timeless and awe-inspiring. We have witnessed fantastic skill and hard-hitting imagery from you throughout 2016 and would like to thank you for sharing your inspirational imagery with everyone at iPhotography. We look forward to hearing (and seeing) more from you. We hope that this prosperous streak continues for you throughout 2017.
– Comment from the iPhotography Tutors and Head Office Team.
Can anyone out there beat Barry’s staggering popularity and statistics of 2016 in most popular Photo of the Day throughout 2017?!

The last two years winning images have been lions?! Will this large cat popularity continue and carry through over the next year?
Start uploading your best images into the gallery now, in order to be in with a chance of being next year’s winner.

Barry Tetchner
Most Popular Photo of the Day 2016

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