12 Days of Christmas Winners 2017

Thank you to all who entered our 12 Days Challenge, you have truly captured the magic of Christmas and entered into the spirit. The tutors have had such a difficult time choosing the concluding selection, so we had to call in Santa’s helpers to make the final cut.

On the first day of Christmas Jessica Nightingale has really brought home the #Tradition and magic of Christmas to the iPhotography gallery:

Jessica Nightingale Winner Polar Express Recreation

On the second day of Christmas Veronique Sampson has brightened up our day with a splash of 
#Red in the iPhotography Gallery:

Veronique Sampson London traffic at christmas

On the third day of Christmas, smells of mulled wine and joy filled the air at the #ChristmasMarkets 
thanks to Kris Lucas:

Kris Lucas Ferris wheel bokeh in a mug

On the fourth day of Christmas icy vibes filled the gallery, Kelvin McMillan has spiked our interest with this
 shot in the gallery:

Kelvin McMillan Holly bush with ice

On the fifth day of Christmas, Lindsey Gaspero rode into the snow-covered fields for #WinterWildlife

Lindsey Gaspero Horse with snow-covered ears

On the sixth day of Christmas, Randy Wayman captured the most dazzling display of #Decorations
 and posted the results in the gallery:

Randy Wayman Decorations

On the seventh day of Christmas, Nicky Thomas piled on the layers and made us feel cosy and warm with this #WinterWarmers

Nicky Thomas Little boy looking for Santa wrapped up warm

On the eighth day of Christmas, Anna Chmura-Jenkins surprised us with glowing #Presents,
 excited faces and a special visit from Santa:

Anna Chmura-Jenkins Santa's sleigh

On the ninth day of Christmas, Ekaterina Pokotilo filled our appetites with this warm and magical representation of #FestiveFood
 in the iPhotography Gallery:

Ekaterina Pokotilo Warm hot chocolate with sparkles

On the tenth day of Christmas Kelvin McMillan dazzled and gleamed with his unique twist on #Glitz&Sparkle in the iPhotography Gallery:

Kelvin McMillan Sparkle Icicles

On the eleventh day of Christmas Seamus Bryans brought frost upon us all with his 

, introducing his very own rendition of the Ice Queen to the gallery:

Seamus Bryans Ice Queen Portrait

Twas the night before Christmas and Andrea Swenson captured a moment of joy as the first present is opened on #ChristmasEve


Andrea Swenson Girl with magic present

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