iPhotography Competitions Winners 2018

Find out who was crowned champion in recent competitions.

Last month iPhotography launched its annual awards and competition to celebrate students’ development, achievements, commitment, and outstanding work throughout 2018.

These competitions included: Photographer of the Year, Most Popular Image of the Year, Outstanding Contribution and the 12 Days of Christmas contest.

Firstly, can we say THANK YOU to all those of you who entered, took part in the competitions and registered your votes in the polls – it’s been a record-breaking year!

We were overwhelmed with the responses, comments, and standard of student’s images uploaded to the gallery throughout 2018. You have obviously all been very busy putting your new-found photography skills into practice and you’ve raised the bar so high we are really excited to see what you can create in 2019.

Announcing Our 2018 Competitions Winners…

This year’s winners were chosen by our expert team of iPhotography tutors as well as by students voting in the online competitions poll. It would be a great start to the year if you could all join us in congratulating the winners on their success and progress throughout 2019.

So, without further ado, here are your category winners;

Photographer of the Year 2018: Kari Davis (USA)

To even be shortlisted for the prestigious iPhotography Photographer of the Year, a student needs to demonstrate a unique and individual style that stands out as recognisable within the gallery.

You voted in your thousands for the name that you wanted to be crowned as Photographer of the Year and we are very proud to announce that the 2018 winner is Kari Davis!

kari horse texas cows ranch landscape HDR colour sky

Kari is a photographer whose portfolio strongly represents modern iconic Americana through the medium of family portraits and dramatic landscapes. This achievement is even more incredible when you put into perspective that Kari only joined the iPhotography Course in early 2017!

Kari’s work demonstrates her passion to photograph the things she loves, family, surroundings, nature – life as we know it. Her imagery is colourful, highly detailed, well exposed and honest – never over processed or contrived.

These are all positive signs for the years ahead if this is the standard that can be achieved in less than 2 years and hopefully it acts as a great inspiration to others to follow in Kari’s footsteps knowing that hard work and passion can pay off quickly.

All of this, along with your votes, has contributed towards seeing her crowned this year’s iPhotography Photographer of the Year!

Find out more, view Kari’s gallery and read more comments here…

With iPhotography having over 90,000+ members on board, this is an incredible accomplishment; we are extremely proud to be able to present this award to Kari – a worthy winner, congratulations!

On behalf of everyone at iPhotography, we wish her the best of luck moving forward and hope that he will continue to share, enlighten and prosper within the iPhotography community for many more years to come.

Kari will shortly receive her winner’s glass trophy along with the prize of $250 Amazon gift voucher, along with access to the newly release iPhotography ‘Light Tricks’ Course– Congratulations!

Most Popular Image of the Year 2018: Marc Pickard (UK)

We expected the 2018 edition of this award to be the closely fought contests given the huge jump in quality uploads throughout the year – and we were not disappointed.

The ‘Most Popular Image of the Year’ award doesn’t take into consideration a student’s other images or their community participation – it’s all about your comments and ratings in the student gallery.

The more 5-star ratings on an image, the closer it gets to the shortlist.

But after the shortlist was compiled and all of your votes were counted up, we eventually had a winner for the Most Popular Image of the Year 2018 in Marc Pickard.

If you are an active member of the iPhotography student gallery then you’ll probably remember seeing his delicate portrait known as the ‘Harvest Mouse’ which he uploaded during the summer – it even featured as our most popular image of July due to all of the inspiring comments and multiple 5-star ratings.

The image itself is one created out of patience and anticipation. The ability to capture such a tender photograph means the photographer has to sit ready waiting for that moment, the lighting needs to be in place and an element of luck has to be bestowed on you.

Fortunately for Marc, and us, all those pieces came together at the right time for Marc and it resulted in an incredible wildlife portrait which the iPhotography community voted as the Most Popular Image of the Year 2018.

Marc will shortly receive his winner’s glass trophy along with the prize of £100 Amazon gift voucher, along with access to the newly released iPhotography ‘Light Tricks’ Course – Congratulations!

marc field mouse harvest black and white portrait wildlife

Outstanding Contribution Award 2018: Randy Wayman (USA)

The iPhotography Outstanding Contribution award takes into consideration the presence and impact of members within all areas of the community. This includes activity within the gallery, chat wall, forum, competitions, offering positive and constructive feedback to other students, as well as their own progress and achievements throughout the year.

Some of these positive activities are rewarded with points which you’ll see on your course dashboard and these points help us, along with other factors, decide who to shortlist.

In 2018 there were a number of students considered for the award, but there was a final agreement on the student who the tutor panel felt had embodied this spirit throughout the year.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the winner of this prestigious accolade for 2018 is non-other than Randy Wayman.

randy landscape death valley monument america usa photographer

Randy’s been a part of our wonderful community since 2014 and in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 he’s been on either the POTY or IOTY shortlist – which proves this guy’s got talent, so pay attention to any feedback he offers you!

You can ask any member of the iPhotography community and Randy Wayman is a name they will be familiar with; whether that be because of his outstanding landscape photography or for the helpful, positive and constructive comments he offers to fellow students.

Find out more, view Randy’s gallery and read more comments here…

Once again, all of us at iPhotography feel that Randy has gone way above and beyond the call of duty throughout 2018; he is, therefore, a commendable winner for our Outstanding Contribution award.

We are sure all the students and members will join us in saying a huge thank you to Randy, for all that you do. We are proud to have you as a valued member within our community and hope that you will continue to inspire and encourage us all throughout 2019.

Randy will shortly receive his winner’s glass trophy along with the prize of $250 Amazon gift voucher, along with access to the newly release iPhotography ‘Light Tricks’ Course– Congratulations!

12 Days of Christmas Competition Winners 2018

We had some fantastic entries throughout December for our 12 Days of Christmas competition, thank you to everyone that got involved and took part – it certainly added some additional joy and festive spirit to the gallery.

Every category we included in our contest had its own winner, chosen from each category’s entrants, and from that shortlist of 12, the iPhotography tutors chose one overall winner whose photograph we felt had embodied and captured the Christmas spirit in a truly magical way.

But first let’s have a look firstly at our 12 brilliant category winners and give them the praise they deserve;

12 Days of Christmas Evergreen Noreen Thorn

Day 1 #Evergreen – Noreen Thorn 

12 Days of Christmas Evergreen Lucy McAlpine

Day 2 #Seasonal Activities –  Lucy McAlpine

12 Days of Christmas Evergreen Anna Chmura Jenkins

Day 3 #Winter Creatures – Anna Chmura Jenkins

12 Days of Christmas Evergreen Steven Driskel

Day 4 #Festive Treats – Steven Driskel

12 Days of Christmas Evergreen Dinah Beaton

Day 5 #Christmas Markets –  Dinah Beaton

12 Days of Christmas Evergreen Karen Browne

Day 6 #Decorations – Karen Browne

12 Days of Christmas Winterscapes Karen Vynckier-Walker

Day 7 #Winterscapes – Karen Vynckier-Walker

12 Days of Christmas Party n Punch Carl Ayling

Day 8 #Party’n’Punch –  Carl Ayling

12 Days of Christmas Card Carrissa Holt

Day 9 #Christmas Card – Carrissa Holt

12 Days of Christmas Characters Elizabeth Burk

Day 10 #Characters – Elizabeth Burk

12 Days of Christmas Giuseppe Blundo Presents

Day 11 #Presents –  Giuseppe Blundo

12 Days of Christmas Christmas Eve Claudia Frost

Day 12 #Christmas Eve – Claudia Frost

Before we move on to announce the final winner, we would want to congratulate all of the category winners! Given the number of entries we saw in the gallery and through social media, it is an outstanding achievement be crowned a category winner.

With faced with this impressive shortlist it was again down to the tutors to select the overall competition winner who we can now reveal is – Anna Chmura-Jenkins with her image from the ‘Winter Creatures’ category.

12 Days of Christmas Competition Winner Anna Chmura Jenkins Winter Creatures

Find out more, view Anna’s gallery and read more comments here…

We are extremely proud to be able to present this award to Anna – a very talented and committed member – congratulations!

On behalf of everyone at iPhotography, we wish her the best of luck throughout 2019 and hope that she will continue to inspire and share her creative imagery within the iPhotography community and gallery for many more years to come.

Anna will shortly receive her prize of $100 Amazon gift voucher, along with access to the newly release iPhotography ‘Light Tricks’ Course– Congratulations!

Congratulations and Thank You!

We wish all our winners the very best of luck on their future adventures and hope that we continue to see and hear more of their achievements within the iPhotography community and gallery soon.

There have been some fantastic winners this year – huge congratulations to you all! Also congratulations to all the other students who were shortlisted and got involved throughout the competitions.

Special thanks to all the students who got involved with the voting process and took part in selecting this year’s winners. We hope you all enjoyed the process as much as we did at iPhotography!

Get Involved in 2019

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Good luck!

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