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“Lily, on a bench” by Jonathan Hall

“Lily, on a Bench” Written by Jonathan Hall (iPhotographyCourse Student) This is the shot straight out of the camera: Doesn’t look too bad right? But we can change a few things. This short guide will show you which buttons I used and how I used them. ☺ Now I’m doing...

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Forced Perspective, Weekend Challenge 12th March.

  Forced Perspective Weekend Challenge 12th March We are confident that everyone will have seen images like these, where someone appears to be holding up the leaning tower of Pisa. This common tourist style shot is an optical illusion and uses the technique forced...

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Get To Know Robert Frank

Get To Know… Robert Frank Asked to name some of history’s most influential photographers, the name Robert Frank won’t be missing from many people’s thoughts, nor will his most famous body of work, ‘The Americans.’ After recently celebrating his 91st birthday, we take...

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iPhotography Competition Winners 2015

iPhotography Competition Winners 2015 A few months back iPhotographyCourse launched a number of exciting competitions to recognise our students’ achievements, commitment and outstanding work throughout 2015. These competitions included: Photographer of the Year...

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Fairy Spirals

How to Create Fairy Spirals with your Camera So fairy lights are pretty cool and can be used for lots of different things. I wanted to try using fairy lights to create a spiral; I tried using a laser pen, which really didn’t work how I wanted. Doing this I realized...

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My attempts at Bokeh

My attempts at Bokeh So having read about bokeh, what it is and how it is done I decided to have a go myself, now this can be done in images simply by using a very shallow depth of field when there are areas of high contrast in the background. So the light coming...

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Welcome to the iPhotography blog!

This is the place we’ll share with you a whole host of content on photography, from features on the medium’s most famous image-makers to tips and tricks on various areas and subjects. Photography is an ever-changing medium, in these last few decades for example we’ve...

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