Bokeh Photography

After reading about bokeh lighting, we decided to have a go ourselves.

This can be done in images simply by using a very shallow depth of field when there are areas of high contrast in the background.

Light coming through a canopy of trees, for example, would work. But to really play around with it, use of fairy lights as they are bright compared to most things.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are going to be your best bet as they give you lots of individual lights, which can create a pretty cool effect.

Now one thing with bokeh is the ability to change the shape of the bokeh circles.

This is ridiculously clever and it still impresses us that it works and is so simple. You can pretty much create any shape you like. You can if you look hard enough find some stencil shapes that will fit onto the end of your lens.

They are laser printed and so come out very accurate. If like us, and most others, you would rather not spend money on something you wont use very often you can just make one yourself.


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