Case Study Competition Winners 2016

A few months back, iPhotography launched a competition to recognise those students’ who have achieved success in photography as a direct result of taking iPhotography Course.

Winners were shortlisted by our team of iPhotography™ tutors, who not only read each case study, but also reviewed each students’ success, photography achievements, contribution within the iPhotography community, and their progress through the course.

Thank you to all of those of you who took part in our Case Study competition throughout June and July, we were overwhelmed with the responses and incredible comments. We never tire of hearing about the achievements, success and progress of iPhotography students!

All winners should have now received their prizes – Well done! We wish all of our case study winners the very best of luck on their future ventures, and hope that we continue to hear more of their achievements within the iPhotography community and gallery soon.

All winning case studies will be featured within their own section of the iPhotography testimonial area; so you can all revisit and read them as often as you like (to gain an extra burst of inspiration).

Tim Archer

From amateur photographer to photography competition winner! Tim is 35-years-old, happily married with a 19 week old son called Ethan (who also loves the camera). Tim works as a purchasing assistant, but his real passion is photography. His main focus is wildlife...

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Seamus Bryans

From beginner photographer to competition winner and BIPP member! Following these achievements, Seamus’s confidence in his ability naturally began to grow. Things were really starting to take off for him and he begun to explore the possibilities of...

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From ‘always AUTO’ to master of MANUAL Mode! I haven’t competed in many competitions yet, but in two out of three competitions I joined last year I won prizes. I won a monthly victory in Sweden’s amateur photo of the year in category ‘nature’ (with my photo sad wolf)...

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“My neurologist recommended taking iPhotography Course. And what a difference it has made for me!” Since her teenage years Jan had always used a film camera. However, she never really felt confident that she knew what she was doing, and she wasn’t really sure where to...

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Lizy Bowie

From iPhotography student to award-winning photography business! Lizy is a 26 year old sole trader. She started studying iPhotography Course back in 2013; she now runs her own successful small business, shooting weddings and family portraits on a day to day basis and...

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Sharon Doherty

"iPhotography Course gave me the knowledge and confidence to start my photography business" Sharon from the UK is in her 40’s, married with one daughter, and now has her own small photography business. Keen to start up her own business to further her career and make...

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Shona Brand

From total beginner to competition winner and successful photography business! Shona from Australia is a 32-year-old single mother of two, and now has her own photography Business. Before taking iPhotography Course Shona was a total beginner! She chose this course to...

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Esther Visser

From total beginner to competition winner and successful photography business! Esther’s Visser from Australia is an Emergency Nurse. And when she’s not working as a nurse, she also runs a part time photography business! Esther was a total beginner when she first...

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Fred West

From total beginner to landscape photography competition winner! Fred West is a 66 year old civil servant. He was born with a condition that meant he struggled to remember things, this made studying and learning new skills difficult for him. Although Fred was a total...

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Amy Colmenero

From amateur photographer to photography competition winner! Amy is a 16-year-old high school student from the USA and part of a teen police group with the Houston police. Before taking iPhotography Course, Amy was a total beginner. She wanted to learn new techniques...

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