Forced Perspective

Weekend Challenge 12th March

We are confident that everyone will have seen images like these, where someone appears to be holding up the leaning tower of Pisa. This common tourist style shot is an optical illusion and uses the technique forced perspective.

This technique is great fun, and combined with thought and originality it is a simple, impressive and effective trick. It does require you getting creative with your use of angles. You will need to bring certain aspects of your image closer to the camera (making them appear larger), then move other aspects further away (causing them to appear smaller).

You can use this technique to create original and effective imagery. You may choose to have someone sat in the palm of your hand, hold the sun or moon or make your subject appear to look like a giant? The opportunities are endless.

You can also use a low angle and a clever choice of aperture to make something toy sized look like the real thing.

There are all kinds of different ways you can experiment with forcing a new perspective into your image – and that is the challenge we set you for the weekend. We want to you to be as imaginative and original as you can.

Create images that cause people to see the everyday from a new perspective, be it someone stepping on a miniature person, or a Lego man kicking a football – even a toy dinosaur eating a broccoli tree! We look forward to seeing what fun ideas you can come up with!

If you are struggling for inspiration and ideas, search ‘forced perspective’ on google images and you will get 100’s of ideas to take away with you. Don’t forget to share your images in the gallery using the #weekendchallenge, good luck! Why not also upload them to our Facebook or Twitter?

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